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The generally accepted rules for Ultimate are governed by two main bodies.

In North America, Ultimate is usually played by the UPA Rules of Ultimate, as set out by the North American governing body, the Ultimate Players Association.

In other areas of the world, and in international competition, the WFDF Rules of Ultimate are used. These rules are defined by the World Flying Disc Federation, the international governing body for Ultimate and other disc sports.

In general, both sets of rules are very similar, differing only in details. A summary of these differences is here.

For a quick introduction see Ultimate in 10 Simple Rules.

An archival copy of the 7th edition rules of Ultimate (as defined by the International Frisbee Association Ultimate Players Committee in 1978) is here.

Major League Ultimate has an experimental, heavily modified set of rules that change the game enough to warrant whether it can be called Ultimate. The Potlatch 2006 MLU Rules are the first rules to be tried in a tournament, and will be largely revised for the next MLU event.

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