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Since it is so new, the costs associated with Ultipedia are minimal (aside from participants' time) so if you feel like helping outhe best thing you can do is add content to the site. See Ultipedia:Community Portal for our current wishlist/TODO.

What Ultipedia is:

  • a dictionary for Ultimate/Disc related terms
  • an encyclopedia for Ultimate concepts and culture
  • a centralized resource for topical ultimate related information..
    • at the very minimum Ultipedia should have pointers to other pertinent sites
  • a site where rational argument and counterarguments are encouraged

What Ultipedia is not:

  • a forum or mailing list (entries should be descriptive not conversational)
  • a place to flame your opponents or those with opposing views

Ultipedia was put online August 1, 2006 and is maintained by Ivar Vasara is an effort to provide a home for a community driven Ultimate resource. John and theMindSet joined in and contributed to seed content before the official launch.

The British Columbia Disc Sports Society has been generously hosting the site since August 6th, 2006.

The software that powers Ultipedia is called MediaWiki. Until the help files are fleshed out, consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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