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This is where we maintain a TODO/wishlist for Ultipedia.

Wikis work better as the community surrounding them gets bigger. As such, it would be great to have some ideas for Ultipedia:Advocacy.)


[edit] Ultipedian Stuff

  • need to estabish basic style guidelines (borrow for wikipedia with minor changes) see Ultipedia:Style Guide.
  • need to clean up current content (eg: move some pages created in plural form to singular, etc..)
  • any seasoned media wiki people out there ? I'm not sure what the best practices are for the various mediawiki organizational features (eg: categories).. any ideas of how that'd work with ultipedia ?
  • see Talk:Rules_of_Ultimate_-_10th_edition section for discussion on how to to facilitate rule cross referencing.
  • need to import help files from wikipedia - apparently there is no automagical way of doing this so we have to decide whether to 'cut n paste' or use wiki interlinking.
  • need to cleanup the navigation sidebar to be much smaller.. I'm thinking popout menus would nice. Ie: when you put your mouse over 'ultimate' the secondary menu (currently 'Rules', 'Skills and Throws' .. 'Tournaments') pops out beside the navbar.

[edit] Designer Stuff

  • the current ultipedia logo is a placeholder, it'd be nice to hold a contest for it's replacement.

[edit] Sysadmin Stuff

see Ultipedia:SystemAdministration

[edit] Developer Stuff

  • I've setup a development server with the latest mediawiki code and an ultipedia database snapshot as a development sandbox. This is mostly so I can work out how to integrate a possible Animated Play Viewer/Editor without mucking up the actual Ultipedia.

[edit] Content Stuff

  • I have created the stubs category, and now every article that is too short should have either of these two templates at the bottom {{stub}} (for semi-informative stubs) or {{stub-rid}} (for ridiculous stubs). As this system is implemented, the stubs cat should show us a list of articles in need of attention. Themindset 13:59, 9 August 2006 (MDT)
  • I've created Category:City Leagues for associating all the leagues that will eventually end up here, as well as a first cut of a Template:Infobox City League for a wikipedia-style sidebar with an overview of league info. This now works.
  • Add "links" or "resources" section for each disc sport
  • Add "players" section for each disc sport - famous players, essentially light biographical information, accomplishments teams played on etc
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