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The backhand is generally the first throw an ultimate player (or anyone tossing a disc) will learn.

  • Grip: A variety of different grips can be used when throwing a backhand. By gripping under the rim of the disc with the little, ring and middle fingers and placing the index finger along the outside of the rim, players can achieve a greater degree of control when throwing. Placing all the fingers under the disc's rim when throwing will generate much more power but with less control. Grips may display finger placement somewhere between these two grips, with fingers less curled around the rim of the disc as well.
  • The Throw: Throwing a backhand involves a windup of both the body and arm, followed by a unwind and release of the disc. For a right-handed player, this means bringing the disc across the left side of their body, and unwinding towards the intended target, releasing the disc when the arm is perpendicular to the target. A smooth follow-through is also necessary to ensure the disc is released properly and accurately.
  • Using the wrist: Ensuring there is sufficient spin on the disc is essential to any ultimate throw. During the release stage of throwing, the wrist action can be thought of as the culmination of all the energy put into the throw to that point. The unwinding motion, beginning with the hips, continues through the shoulder, the players arm, and is finished with the wrist movement and release of the disc.
  • Stance: A player's stance when throwing a backhand is highly dependent on the situation the disc is being thrown. When learning to throw, begin by getting into an athletic stance and turn 90 degrees from the intended target.
  • Edges: By changing the orientation of the wrist and forearm while throwing, the flight plane of the disc will change so that the disc will "edge" or "cut" to the left or right. Edging aids in throwing around defenders, passing to moving targets or controlling throws in the wind.

*Advanced Backhands: More advanced versions of the backhand include 'high release' throws, 'pulls' and 'airbounces'. Hopefully there'll be more stuff about those throws up here one day. Or maybe even a link or two.File:Backhandgrip.jpg

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