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DiscHoops is a disc sport combining elements of Ultimate, Goaltimate and Basketball.

Dischoops is the creation of Frank Huguenard who, over the years, became disgusted with what Ultimate Frisbee had become. In place of the perceived vague and arbitrary rules, the lack of penalization and enforcement Dischoops aims to have firm, consistent non-arbitrary boundaries, referees and penalities. In contrast to Ultimate, Dischoops does not depend on SOTG.

Dischoops is played on a short court (only 20 yards between arches) making for an extremely fast paced game. Unlike any other field sport, every time a team scores, the field reverses (like football or basketball do at halftime) and they immediate attack the opposite goal. Dischoops is much more of a finesse sport with an emphasis on skills, quickness and creativity as opposed to sheer athleticism.

The game is comprised of four 15 minute quarters with 2 minute breaks between quarters and a ten minute halftime.

Teams are 8 players each with the game played 4 vs. 4.

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