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Discs In Turmoil is the name of the Ultimate team for students from the Dublin Institute of Technology.
DIT Ultimate Logo.


[edit] Achievements

  • DIT came 1st & 3rd in the 2006 DCU Whacking Day Beginners Tournament
  • In 2006 DIT hosted the Irish Ultimate Intervarsities. The clubs 1st team came 3rd in the competition.
  • In 2007 DIT won the Intervarsities Plate by coming 5th.
  • In 2008 the 1st team came 5th and the 2nd team came 7th winning the plate.
  • In 2009 DIT finished 4th after defeating UCD in the Quarter Final
  • DIT won the Spirit Award at the 2007 32 team Edinburgh Beginners Tournament
  • DIT came 3rd & won the Spirit prize in the 2007 UCD Dublin Beginners Tournament
  • DIT won the Spirit Award at Funny Time in Slovenia
  • DIT won Best Party Team at Edinburgh beginners in 2008 and 2009

[edit] Current Squad

  • Eoin "Sticky" Barry
    2007 Varsities Team Photo.
  • Clare "Bruiser" Cullen
    2008 Siege of Limerick Squad.
  • Kevin "Shit Disc" Doherty
  • Grace "Tit Flange" Counihan
  • Celine Campbell
  • Killian "Spewey" Blake
  • Tom O'Hora
  • Roy Briggs
  • Tom "JTM" Dunne
  • Darragh *Stairs" King
  • Baz Ryan
  • Rory "Chips" Kavenagh
  • Tendai "Tee" Muzwidzwa
  • Simon "Fish" Hall
  • Cormac "Aussie" Ryan
  • Dan Corrigan
  • Anto Handibode

[edit] Hall of fame

  • Roger "Podge" Beatty
  • Cormac Glynn
  • Gav "phat gav" Kavanagh
  • Mark "Horse" Hopkins
  • Mark Loy
  • Shane "Crazy" O’Connell
  • Paul "Tall Paul" Cronin
  • Sinead "The Mayo one" Byrne
  • Fionnuala "mom" Egan
  • Adrian "Bronzer" Keane
  • Finton "FAG" D'Arcy
  • Amy Moffat
  • Emmet "Snorty" Cleary
  • Adam Wyse
  • Teresa O'Hora
  • Daragh "The One and Only" Gleeson
  • Richard Buggy
  • Al "Botch" Breathnach
  • Sinead "Not the Mayo One" Byrne
  • Kate Naughton
  • Donal Murphy
  • Seamus Murray
  • Dave "Super Dave" McAlster

[edit] External Links

[1] DIT Ultimate Forum

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