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Fénix Ultimate
Governing Body Ultimate México
Division Open
Region Centro
Founded 2007
Location México City
Colors Red, White, Yellow
Captain Sergio Ramirez, Jose Luis Espinosa, Jose Sosa, Luis Arturo Ramos
Website http://www.fenixultimate.org


[edit] Fénix Ultimate

Fenix Ultimate is an open Ultimate team based in Mexico City. Fenix competes in the central region. Fenix's first appearance on the tournament scene in Mexico was at the 2007 "Azul y Oro" tournament.

The team was originally called "Pumas UNAM", however after learning of some UNAM policies restricting the use of the Pumas name, the team became Fénix UNAM. Fénix UNAM has won 6 consecutive national titles (2008-2012), the most in Mexican Ultimate history. Olamaya is the closest in number of national victories with 3 national championships. The first 2 titles were won in as a part of the National Ultimate Circuit and the 4 latests titles were won under the new National Championship format of national competition in Mexico. During 2013 the squad decided to change the name to Fenix Ultimate, because the UNAM already had to many teams and in that way Fenix was looking to open spaces on the University.

Fénix has achieved great success in their brief history, winning the national title 6 times since 2007 , and participating in two international tournaments as a club: World Utlimate Club Championship (WUCC) at Prague in 2010 and Pan American Ultimate Championship (PAUC) at Medellin, Colombia in 2011.

[edit] History

[edit] 2007

Fenix first appeared as a team organizing and playing the tourament "Azul y Oro". This year they also reached their first podium, placing second in the classic Mexican tournament, "Discopa". This year, the base of the future championship team was formed with players like Sergio "Cheko" Ramirez, Manuel "Manu" Oseguera, Rafael "Rafa" Oseguera, David "Morro" Gonzalez, Ulises "Uli" Gonzalez, Rodrigo "Ro" Navarro, Andres "Bro" Gonzalez San Roman, Mario Rodriguez, Daniel Estrada and Juan "JuanRa" Perez.

[edit] 2008

In 2008, three Fenix players--Rafa, Manu and Cheko--represented Mexico on the national team at the World Ultimate and Guts Championships tournament in Vancouver, British Columbia. This year, Fenix also won its first tournament at Discotlan (Estado de Mexico, Mexico) winning important points for the National Ultimate Circuit. 2 months later they won Discopa (Zumpango, Estado de Mexico) gaining enough points to win the national title for the first time. This year, new players like Fabian "Fabo" Ramirez and Luis "Primo" Ramos joined the team.

[edit] 2009

After their first national title, Fénix maintained its strong base of players, and hoped to win the national title, granting right to represent Mexico at the World Ultimate Club Championship in Prague, Czech Republic. Also they have the arrival of 16 years old Esteban Ramirez, who would become on a importand part of the team on years to come. They placed second on their first tournament "Fiebre en el Desierto"(San Luis Potosi, Mexico), first at "Disco en La LLuvia"(Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico), fourth at Discotlan, and fifth at Discopa. Their year-long performance gathered enough points to win Fenix's second national title and the right to represent Mexico in Prague.

[edit] 2010

During the summer of 2010, Fenix participated in the WUCC in Prague, where they won two games. They became the first Mexican team to achieve two victories at an international tourament. This year, the format of the Mexican Ultimate championship system changed from the National Ultimate Circuit to a two tournament format: qualifying Regional and National Tournaments. Fénix won their region undefeated and advanced to nationals. At nationals, they won their third consecutive national title beating the local team, Avalon, from San Luis in the final. This year welcomed new players to the team including Jose Luis "Pepe" Espinoza, Alfonso "Poncho" Castro, Mario "Mushu" Navarrete, Arnold "ArnoldMan" Orellana.

[edit] 2011

At the national tournament in Xalapa, México, Fénix hope to take their fourth title after winning their region with a 7-3 record. They defeated Discobolos from Queretaro in the final, earning a spot for PAUC (Pan american Ultimate Championship) and the right to be the base team for the national representative team at the 2012 World Ultimate and Guts Championships.

In November, Fenix traveled to compete at PAUC, in Medillin, Colombia, where they played for a 2-4 record, beating Truco from Argentina and Colombia Pre-National Coed Team.

[edit] 2012

At the merged central and easter regional tournament, Fénix reached the final. They played against Halcones UV from Xalapa, losing 12-10, putting them in the number two seed position for the national tournament. At Nationals, Fénix went undefeated and beat Malaki from Queretaro in the final (15-10), winning their fifth consecutive national title.

On July the Word Ultimate and Guts Championship took place at Sakai, Japan. During this tournament 7 Fenix player became part of Mexico national team and help it to win their first two games as a national team in an international competition

[edit] 2013

During his 6th year the team change the way they select player, doing for the first time a long tryout, selecting the base of this year roster. Winning 27 games and losing only 3, Fenix cruise during Regionals going undefeaded and won the 2013 National without losing a game. The team beat Malaki (for the second year in a row) 10-9 in a hard capped game. With this victory Fénix got the chance to play at WUCC for the second time in a row. The 2014 WUCC will be held in Lecco, Italy.

[edit] Season Results

  • 2007 3rd Place at CNU
  • 2008 1st Place at CNU
  • 2009 1st Place at CNU
  • 2010 44nd Place at WUCC
  • 2010 1st Place at Nationals
  • 2011 1st Place at Nationals
  • 2011 9th Place at PAUC
  • 2012 1st Place at Nationals
  • 2013 1st Place at Nationals

[edit] 2013 Roster

No. Country Position Name Nickname
3 Mexico Handler Sergio Ramírez Cheko
4 Mexico Handler/Cutter Luis A. Ramos Primo
5 Mexico Cutter Ivan Cabañas
6 México Cutter Jorge Ramírez Georgie
7 Mexico Handler Esteban Ramírez
8 México Cutter Andrés Suárez Grohl
9 Mexico Cutter Alfonso Guinea Poncho
10 México Cutter/Handler Carlos Ramírez
11 México Cutter Daniel Perales
12 Mexico Cutter Daniel Estrada Dani
14 Mexico Cutter Eduardo Gaciadiego Lalote
16 Mexico Cutter/Handler Mario Rodriguez
17 Mexico Handler Jose Sosa Sous
19 Mexico Handler Ulises Gonzalez Uli
20 México Cutter Carlos Andres Pérez Pelón
21 Mexico Handler David Gonzalez Morro
22 Mexico Handler/Cutter Jose Luis Espinoza Pepe
23 México Handler Enrique Solares York
27 Venezuela Cutter Sebastian Torres Sebas
28 México Handler Alejandro Aguado Smiley
36 Mexico Cutter Rodrigo Navarro Ro
43 México Handler Gerardo Hernandez Mini
67 México Cutter Rodrigo Czechleny Zeleny
75 Mexico Handler Manuel Oseguera Manu
84 Mexico Handler Rafael Oseguera Rafa
97 United States Cutter James Evans Jimmy

[edit] Foreing players that played for Fénix

Country Position Name Nickname
Canada Handler Adrew Gibson Mr. Gibson
Colombia Handler Alejandro Cadena Alejo
Colombia Handler German Garcia
Hungary Handler/Cutter Daniel Carrera
United States Handler Jaime Arambula Idaho
United States Handler Scott Berens Seductor
United States Handler/Cutter Ryan Bigley Biggs
United States Handler Judah Brownstein Judencio
United States Handler Joe Sowers Joe Cool
Canada Handler Mathieu Boisvert-Désilets Matt
United States Cutter James Evans Jimmy
Venezuela Cutter Sebastian Torres Sebas

[edit] Rivalries

Fénix's main rivalry is against Mexico City neighbors Kowabunga, whom they always face each other on regionals, always having close games.

[edit] External links

  • Oficial Fenix Ultimate [www.fenixultimate.org]
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