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Fingers 6 is an Ultimate team based in Manchester, United Kingdom.

[edit] History

The Fingers 6 Logo, which has been used for over 10 years now.

In 1993 Master's student Ben Rainbow founded an Ultimate Frisbee Team based at Manchester Metropolitan University. The team became known as Fingers 6 Steps Ahead of Our Minds, or Fingers 6 for short, the name originating from the title of a song by the never-popular free-noise group Truman's Water. Rejected names included 'Bullet Baxter', 'Flaky Pastry', 'Turnip Farm' and 'Finn Family Moomintroll'. The Fingers 6 logo (right) is based on a design scheme by original team member Tony Foggett for the team's first t-shirts (and discs, bags, badges, etc, although sadly not used at the time). 5 years later it was resurrected and adapted for a disc design and subsequently adoped as the team logo.

Fingers 6 rapidly became a successful team, finishing 7th in the UK's Indoor Nationals competition in its second year of competition, thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment of the players, and the coaching of two greats of UK Ultimate, Doug Milne and Harry Golby.

By 1995, most of the students who had formed the majority of the first Fingers 6 cohort had graduated. At the team's Annual General Meeting that year, the decision was taken that Fingers 6 should remain as the ongoing University team; and a new open team was formed, Chevron Action Flash. Named after a song by the never-popular indie pop outfit Comet Gain. Tragically, Ben Rainbow died in 1997 from a rare Liver cancer, to this day Chevron Action Flash have a rainbow in their logo to remember him by.

'Mute Animal Unit' (an angram of Man Uni Ultimate) was started by Dann Cleveland, Andrew 'Jandy' Greaves and Rosh Ravindran in 2000 as a student team for the University of Manchester. Whilst seperate entities at university tournaments, 'Mute' and 'Fingers' were the same team for most of the year, joining together for training sessions and socials. 'Mute' grew quickly, and the team became a well respected force on the indoor circuit, finishing 4th in student nationals, as well as taking a fare share of plates and top four finishes. The team eventually had to disband in 2004 due to an absence of AU funding which barred further participation in university tournaments.

[edit] Present

Manchester Metropolitan Students Union (MMUnion) Ultimate Frisbee Club is still called Fingers 6, having been established over 15 years now. They own a host of Trophies from various competitive events over the years; and have began the Ultimate careers of some high-level UK players. They continue to recruit beginners from the student body, giving most their first glimpse of an unknown sport.

In 2003, a female sect of the student team was created by Louise Charlotte Cable aka 'Moowi', and that team was called Floorplay. Floorplay went to win ladies indoor student nationals in 2005, and the team still plays today.

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