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The Finn is an extreme version of a high release backhand in which the disc is released by the thrower high above the head. It falls under the category of advanced throws due to the relative difficulty of mastering it. It is used extensively in indoor ultimate and by experienced handlers in outdoors. The term Finn is most widely used in the Irish Ultimate community.

[edit] Background and Basics

  • Nomenclature: The unusal name is thought to have been derived from two seperate sources. Some people believe that the name arose from the likeness between the positioning of the thrower's arm upon release and an image of a shark's dorsal fin penetrating the surface of the sea. Other people believe that Finn refers to the langer that is credited with popularising the throw.
  • How to throw: To perform a Finn the disc is held in a backhand position with the index finger extended on the outside of the rim. This configuration allows the disc to be held parallel to the ground even when the thrower's arm is fully extended perpendicular to it. The act of conveying momentum on the throw is performed by making a quick circular movement with the arm. A slight flick of the wrist is also required to impart motion. The amount of spin you place on the disc dictates how fast the disc will rise and fall. Experienced players are able to use this ability to throw Finns to great effect in situations where hammers would be considered the typical throw. In order to get even more height and distance from the pass most handlers spring from their pivot foot (the act of extending onto the tip-toe) without leaving the ground in order to avoid travelling.
  • Debut of the Finn on the World Stage The Finn made its debut at the 2010 Under 23 world Championships for Ireland against Colombia in Florence. Unfortunately the inventor of the Finn refuses to discuss the ill-fated incident. Rumors have also started circulating that the incident has caused the inventor to start drinking heavily and engaging in numerous Drugs and relations with the animal community.

Red player throws an unstoppable Finn resulting in an easy score. As situations like this are becoming more and more frequent in games most Ultimate players have started refering to Finns as assists

[edit] Gill

The Gill is a term used to describe an unsuccessful attempt at throwing a Finn. This throw always results in a turnover usually by the disc making contact with the ground or less frequently by an interception. The phrase is believed to have been coined from the name of a player who has become infamous for making numerous failed attempts at trying to throw a Finn. In today's Ultimate community the term Gill is synonymous with poor handling ability or inexperienced players trying unsuccessfully to emulate their heros.

A disc after being turned over following a rookie player throwing a Gill. The rookie would have most likely been ridiculed by his teammates after this event
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