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[edit] Basics

Horizontal offense (aka 'Ho Stack', 'Horizontal Set') focuses the frisbee in the middle of the field. From this central position, the lane cutters begin their cuts in the throwing lane located in the middle of the field. A team Usually executes this offense with three handlers straight across the field, while the lane cutters can position themselves in a horizontal straight across stack or in packages. Both of these implement the same philosophy of establishing the frisbee in the middle of the field. The two types of horizontal stacks typically set up 12 to 15 yards from the handlers, as this opens the deep cuts allowing for a more successful offense.

[edit] Horizontal set

  • For the most part, keep the disc in the middle of the field (there are more throwing and cutting options from the middle)
  • Lane cuts underneath should come no closer than 10 yards from the handler
  • Dump cutters cannot crowd the thrower (this allows their defender to poach on upfield throws)
  • When the disc is on the sideline, the wide lane cutter must cut decisively (Sometimes the best cut is back across the field – horizontally)
  • Run a give-go off a straight backwards dump pass
  • When the disc moves to a lane cutter, the widest handler (furthest from the disc) becomes the 4th lane cutter (in a 3 handler, 4 lane cutter set)
  • Run plays that include “clear out” cuts (e.g. “Wide” play; )

[edit] Reacting to Defensive strategies

  • Poaching handlers
    • Engage them and make them commit to defending you
    • Take the free upfield pass
  • Bracketing (One defender underneath, one over the top)
    • Lane cutters run mirror comeback cuts, creating a 2 on 1 against the underneath defender. One cutter engages the defender; second cutter fills the open space
  • Weak side deep help
    • Offensive player being poached off cuts to the disc or open space (not towards his poaching defender); get the disc immediately to the open player (dump/swing, break force etc)
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