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Marking a player is the defensive act of inhibiting that player's (their 'mark') offensive options. Different defensive strategies involve different styles of marking, so this entry is for generic man defense.


[edit] Marking the Thrower

Marking a thrower involves adopting a defensive stance typically applying a force. A consistent mark is vital to any defence. Break mark throws are very disruptive to a defense, so one must always focus on keeping the force. A quick side step and low hands help strengthen any mark, along with agile feet for those quick footblocks. The mark should not be considered rest time for the defender, but an opportunity to execute successful defence.

[edit] Useful strategies for marking the thrower

  • Hold the force
  • Take quick sidesteps and keep light on your feet
  • Force the thrower to throw their weaker throw, by standing more to either the right or left of them

[edit] Common mistakes when marking the thrower

  • Often people attempt to take away all throws (as opposed to focusing on maintaining a force).

[edit] Marking Players Without the Disc

Marking an offensive player who does not have the disk typically involves maintaining a position between the offensive player and the disc.

[edit] Useful strategies for marking offensive players without the disc

  • laying out is very effective if the offender doesn't keep running at the disc until they have possesion.

[edit] Common mistakes when marking offensive players without the disc

Not being aware of where the disc is - especially in a deep cut the mark must keep their eyes on both the player and the incoming disc if they hope to block the throw.

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