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Mini Ultimate (also known simply as "Mini") is a frisbee game similar to Ultimate. It is one of several disc sports to gain popularity since the advent of ultimate frisbee in 1968, now played by over one hundred thousand people worldwide.


[edit] Overview

Mini Ultimate is a high energy, predominantly urban sport played on a smaller field than ultimate. The field is 20 yards wide, by 30 yards long, with six yard endzones. The game was invented by Brion Winston and Dave Hollander of New York Ultimate[1] in 1999. Many of the rules of the game can be learned from the "Mini Song" [2] , a spirited ditty sung by onlookers and those waiting to play.

[edit] Rules

The rules are similar to Ultimate including those applying to "The Greatest" (called "The Smallest") and the Callahan goal (called "The Callamini") with the following notable exceptions:

  • "No chumps"--the First Rule of Mini (see Mini Song).
  • "You gotta keep the game movin' quick"--the Second Rule of Mini (see Mini song).
  • Make-it-take-it: The game does not stop on a goal. The winning team immediately turns to attempt to score in the other endzone.
  • Games are played to three or negative two. A goal is worth a point, a turnover i.e. drop, disc thrown out of bounds, stall, block, counts for negative one. A game is won when a team reaches 3, a game is lost when a team reaches negative two. The team opposite the team who reaches negative two is said to have "not lost." Typically, a match of Mini consists of two or three games (best of three games).
  • The stall count starts at 6, instead of 1.
  • The stall count can be initiated from anywhere on the field.

[edit] Variation 1: Playing with A Sean

On cold winter days, we play with a "Sean" (named after Sean Ramsey) if there is an odd number of people. The Sean is all-time offense player who starts in the middle of the field and can only move laterally (toward the sidelines but not toward the end zone). Instead of or in addition to the 6-10 stall count, the Sean counts off 15 seconds. If the team in possession does not score by 15, it is a turnover.

[edit] Variation 2: Snodisc Variation

When there is snow on the ground, a spinning but stationary disc counts as up (not a turnover until it stops spinning).

[edit] Dynasty

  • 7 wins in a row is referred to as a Dynasty.
  • Dynasties can only be achieved with at least 9 players (3 teams) present.
  • A team must declare they are attempting a dynasty after the 4th win. This is to prevent 'covert' Dynasties.

[edit] Spirit

The Mini Song And The Spirit of Mini [3] The essence of the Mini Song and Spirit Of The Game [4] are consistent with ultimate frisbee. In Mini a rapid city tempo--braggadocio and a general willingness among the players not to call fouls in the interest of fostering acrobatic play--is understood. The responsibility of maintaining these standards falls on the onlookers and waiting players as much as those in the game. Specifically, they keep score, settle disputes (generally with a cry of "play on" or "remember the first rule"), and surround the game with cheering and heckling. The crowd also plays the important role of encouraging wins as opposed to not losses--winning is more respected than not losing. Mini entered the international ultimate scene in 2002 in Hawaii, when the sport was introduced by New York Ultimate to other teams competing in the World Club Ultimate Championships.

Lyrics to the Mini song:

  I know 2 rules and I know 3 numbers,
  20 by 30 by 6
  The first rule is no chumps and the second is
  You've gotta keep the game moving quick.
  A small game for big boys and chicks.
  20 by 30 by 6 
  I toe that line like a pink ballerina,
  20 by 30 by 6
  Oh, I scratch and claw like jungle hyena,
  20 by 30 by 6
  A small game for big boys and chicks.
  20 by 30 by 6 gotta keep the game moving quick. gotta keep the game moving quick.

Mini Tournaments The first invitational mini ultimate tournament was held December 17, 2005 in Brooklyn, NY. The First Annual Mini for Kids Charity Tournament, an eight team round robin, was won by The Mini Founders.

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