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The Mohawks are a student Ultimate team based at the University Of Sussex in Falmer (just outside Brighton), East Sussex, United Kingdom.


[edit] Origins

The Mohawks were formed in 1985 and are one of the longer-running teams in the UK. They have close links with Brighton Ultimate as many ex-Mohawks now play for Brighton, and the two teams often practice together. Mohawks is the name given to the Open, Womens' and Mixed teams, however the womens' team is often refered to as Squaws.

[edit] Achievements

UK University Open Outdoor National Champions 1997/1998
UK University Women's Outdoor National Champions 2006/2007
UK University Women's Outdoor National Champions 2008/2009
UK University Open Indoor National Champions 2010/2011
UK University Open Outdoor National Champions 2010/2011
UK University Mixed Outdoor National Champions 2010/2011
UK University Women's Outdoor National Champions 2010/2011
UK University Open Outdoor National Champions 2011/2012
UK University Women's Outdoor National Champions 2011/2012
UK University Mixed Indoor National Champions 2012/2013
UK University Women's Outdoor National Champions 2012/2013

Burla Beach Division 3 winners 2006
Burla Beach Cup Party Prize joint-winners 2008
Burla Beach Cup Party Prize winners 2009
Burla Beach Cup Party Prize winners 2010

Copa Del Sol Winners 2010

The Mohawks regularly finish in the top three of regional competitions and have often won spirit at regional and national level.

In the 08/09 season, Mohawks open team finished 11th at Uni Open Nationals. The Women became National Champions again, and the mixed team finished 5th at Mixed Indoor Nationals.

In the 09/10 season, the success of the recent years has been built on. The open team finished 6th at indoor nationals and then 8th at outdoor nationals establishing themselves as a top 10 team and bringing the university 22 BUCS points which is a Mohawks best for the last 9 years.

The women's team had a tough start to the year losing a large amount of players from the nationals winning team. However with a fresher heavy team they qualified for nationals and finished a very respectable 17th, which is a great building block for the next few years.

[edit] Game Logs

Mixed Indoor Nationals 2012/2013

Pool Play

Game 1 – Warwick Bears

Having beaten Bears in sudden death at Indoor Meetup the previous weekend, Mohawks knew that they were much better than their seeding suggested. Mohawks started on offense and the game largely went on serve with Bears getting an early break only to be broken back three points later. Mohawks took the lead in the final minute and were able to keep Bears out of the endzone to win 7-6.

Game 2 – Edinburgh Ro Sham Bo

Edinburgh started the game on offense and quickly converted their first offensive point. Mohawks struggled early against the zone defence. As the game went on Mohawks were able to work the disc up the field to a position where they could punish endzone mismatches. A game that also went to serve gave Mohawks the chance to tie it up within the last 30 seconds. Richard Roberts put up a blade that went through the hands of receiver Ashley Yeo. Mohawks were unable to get the disc back and lost 8-7.

Game 3 – Sheffield Phat ‘Eds

Mohawks to the lead early in this game and quickly when 5-2 up against the man defence. Then on pass across the pitch Emma Edge layed out for the disc only to hit into the wall out the side of the pitch headfirst. The game was stopped and while she was attended to by paramedics and taken to hospital. She was later discharged without serious injury. After the delay the game was moved pitch and the remaining nine minutes were played out with the gap staying the same.

Powerpool play

Game 4 – Loughborough Haze

In the first game of the powerpool Mohawks came up against Loughborugh who came through their pool as winners but carried a loss to Aberdean due to three draws in their pool. Mohawks raced to an early 6-0 lead inspired by a great defensive performance. From there the game was won and the job was done for the day.

Game 5 – Aberdeen Positive Mojo

Sunday morning saw the final powerpool games. Mohawks needed a win to avoid a crossover game with the bottom powerpools. Again the team came out firing on defence and broke early from then on they held the lead breaking another few times to win what ended up being a scrappy game from both teams offensively.


Game 6 – Nottingham Random Fling

Nottingham had lost out to Bath for second position in their powerpool on goals scored due to a group stage draw with them. This meant they had to crossover with Sheffield from the lower powerpool. After watching that game Mohawks could see they played handler weave and had a smothering zone.

On offense Mohawks worked the disc around against the zone until Richard Roberts hit Ashley Yeo with a blade in the corner of the endzone against an unaware deepest in the zone. On the second point Sam Airey got a great block against the Iso in the handler weave and against the zone Mohawks worked the disc well until they found a mismatch with Ashley over a girl in the endzone. From there Nottingham didn’t have an answers to the smothering defence of Mohawks who went on to win 12-4.


Game 7 – Dundee Stars

This was the game that Mohawks saw the weekend leading up to. They thought it would be the final but due to Mohawks’ pool play loss to Edinburgh they had dropped to 3rd seeds. Again Mohawks knew that Dundee would come out with handler weave on offense. Mohawks began the game on offense and made some bad offensive decisions early to get broken three times. They then got on the board with “Starzy” throwing a high stall hammer to Ashley Yeo across the endzone. Mohawks switched the force to backhand and got a block from Sam Airey on the Iso. A few moments later Sam Airey threw a blade to the endzone for Lucy Wiggins to catch down by her feet running at full speed for the goal.

The rest of the game was dominated by defence from both teams with a number of layout blocks from both sides. With the scores tied at 6-6 and a minute left Dundee received the disc. After a few passes they threw a breakside blade to the back corner of the endzone with 34 seconds remaining. Quickly rushing back to the line Mohawks received the disc with 22 seconds left on the clock. Richard Roberts passed the disc to an unmarked “Shimmy” John Maule while Kim Isaac, “Starzy” Riordan Eva and Ashley Yeo ran to the endzone marked by two men and two women. Shimmy gave the disc back to Richard Roberts on the Halfway line with 8 seconds left. Richard put up a blade to the back corner of the endzone. Surrounded by three defenders, Ashley Yeo was able to bring down the perfectly positioned disc for the game tying score as time expired.

Dundee received the pull and set up in their handler weave. The defence was primed to do anything for the block and three passes later the disc went up the line and was a little too far for the defender, Ashley Yeo came out of the endzone to grab the free disc and passed it off to Richard Roberts. A few passes later a miscommunication meant that a swing pass was going to the floor. Sam Airey layed out for it at full stretch and clawed it in, hurting his shoulder in the process. John Maule came on as a replacement and immediately swung the disc off the line to Richard Roberts. He looked up and saw Ashley Yeo cutting into the front corner of the endzone. Richard fired a perfect backhand into the corner and Ashley was able to make the catch layoing out of the front of the endzone whilst just keeping his toe in the endzone. The defender questioned whether the Ashley was in but after seeking advice from the sideline agreed on a goal in a great show of spirit.


Game 8 – Team Surrey

The final was against regional rivals Surrey who only qualified from the region with a 15 minute sudden death point against Imperial in the game to go.

Mohawks started out on offense and put in the point quickly. A strong defensive line for the second point cut out all the upfield options for Surrey on the second point and Mohawks got the turn and scored. From there on Mohawks carved out a 5-2 lead and held that to 7-4. One final break for the Mohawks came with two minutes remaining to make it 8-4. The final two minutes were played out with both teams having a long effort for the endzone. Time ran out and Mohawks were national champions once again!!!

[edit] External links:

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The Mohawks logo has been ever changing since the club began. The current logo has now been adopted for nearly ten years and is unlikely to change any time soon.

[edit] Current Roster

1 - Wham

2 - Shimmy

3 - Meg

4 - Slutship

5 - Miiro

6 - Frank

7 - Mike

8 - Adam

9 - Chris p.m

10 - Prossie

11 - Jasmine

12 - Jessie

13 - Kosuke

14 - Jallen/Bitch

15 - Jedward

16 - Gully

17 - Rapo

18 - Dan

19 - Gabe

20 - Mette

21 - Steven

22 - Pete.H

23 - Ashley

24 - Benji

25 - Wizzy

26 – Oscar.F

27 - Stuart

28 - Agata

29 - Nina

30 - Carolyn

31 - Toto/Sophie

32 - Selina

33 - Rachel

34 - Rhys

35 -

36 - McCann

37 - Felix

38 - Callum

39 - Spoon

40 – Sam

41 - Juliette

42 - Ella

43 - Bethanyek

44 - Eduroam

45 - Faron

46 - Bex

47 - Zak

48 - Jonas

49 - Amy P

50 -

51 -

52 – Pooch

53 -

54 -

55 - Kim

56 -

57 -

58 - Alicia

59 -

60 - Emma Edge

61 - Football

62 - Joe

63 -

64 -

65 -

66 – Roadtrip

67 –

68 – Natalie

70 -

71 - possible cheap kit

72 –

73 - Grace

74 -

75 – Lucy

76 -

77 – Nick

78 -

79 -

80 – SJB

81 –

82 –

83 –

84 - onion

85 - Izzy

86 -

87 - Easey

88 - Tin

89 -

90 -

91 - Geezer

92 - Charlie

93 - Clara

94 - CBA

95 -

96 - Sim

97 -

98 - Fluff

99 -

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