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The Marvels were founded by Niamh O Rourke in Autumn 2008, they are associated with the National University of Ireland Maynooth. They were fully recognised as a Club representing NUIM in September 2010. The coach charged with bringing Ultimate to Maynooth was Paul Cronin (aka Tall Paul) who was also instrumental setting up the Ultimate Club in The Institute of Technology, Tallaght (ITT)

The Marvels had their first training on Tuesday November 18, 2008. In their first year, NUIM entered several tournaments with Tall Paul playing with them. Although this made the team ineligible in competition, it gave the team experience of playing the game, which they took into the next season.

At the beginning of the 09/10 season they finished 8th at the Indoor intervarsities in DCU picking up the bowl trophy. Many of the original players are still at the club helping to train in the new players. In the 09/10 season the Marvels competed at the Indoor intervarsities, Cage Rage in Tallaght, The Siege of Limerick, Outdoor intervarsities in Maynooth (the second time they had held the tournament) and a beginners tournament. In the summer of 2010 for the first time a Marvels player was involved with the International setup when one of their number represented Ireland U-23s at the World championships in Florence.

The 2010-11 season began with beginners tournament Whacking day where a number of the new players were noticed most notably Cillian "Kiki" Flynn and Niall McGrath. At the indoor intervaristies two team were entered for the first time with the 1st string finishing as runners up in the bowl division, failing to build on the bowl win of the previous season but competiting in the tournament for the first time without overseas tournaments it was felt that the side was creating a strong base. Two sides were also entered in beginners tournament beyond the cage hosted by IT Tallaght where they performed well. The outdoor intervarsities in Dublin City University saw Maynooth finish 12th, their highest position in the tournament, were it not for injuries to players such as "Kiki" Flynn, Oisin Marsh, Mary Ann O'Driscoll and Niall McGrath the side might have gone on to the bowl final. The team were however consoled by being named as winners of the Spirit trophy. The summer of 2011 saw Kiki named in the Irish junior side but he was unable to travel due to exam commitments.

2011-2012 seems like it will be a record breaking season for the Maynooth side, they took part in their first tournament overseas finishing 8th at Edinburgh beginners winning 4/4 on the first day and losing 4/4 on the second day all by a 1 point margin. They took this form into the Trinity tea party another beginners tournament where they finished 5th in controversial circumstances. Indoor varisities saw NUIM enter 2 teams for the second year running with team 1 finishing 6th up 3 places from the year before with the second team finishing 13th. The women's team with some pick up players performed strongly at Women's intervarisities. The final tournament of 2011 was held in Belfast where Maynooth finished 3rd a highest ever tournament placing. Several players also picked up individual honours over the course of the season:

Aiste Guobyte nominated for Jabba new player of the year also MVP of Rose Bowl final Lukas Giedraitis made the Irish Junior team that will play in WJUC in Dublin against some of the best players in the world. Megan Kelly won mixed All-Irelands with Rebel Ultimate. Beer Bowl: Conor Phelan on team Pratzy won. Richy Arthurs, Lukas Giedraitis, Conor Murtagh and Cillian Flynn won the Charity Hat.

2012 followed on from the second half of 2011 as the team continued their rise finishing 5th at outdoor intervarsities, beating Nuts from the Netherlands to win the plate at Siege of Limerick having narrowly missed out on a place in the top eight when beaten by New York based Big apple turnover featuring Brodie Smith and coming 6th at Uni League. While also taking part in Love Revolution. The season finished with Maynooth Ultimate being named NUI Maynooth's Most Improved Club.

The 2012/2013 season will see the club enter a new phase in its development as it looks to build on a successful 2011-12 season with long term players Rob "Ricky Roo" Reeves, Conor "Coco" Phelan and Oisin "Chef" Marsh all graduating while Si Cocking also graduates, Megan "Peahead" Kelly departs for a year in the US and Kiki Flynn will be playing elsewhere. With this in mind a new look board took over. President: Mark Collins Captain: Lukas Giedraitis Ladies Captain: Aiste Guobyte Fitness Coach: Aiste First Year Coach: Brian Óg Caball (Zombie) and Darragh Herd Schools Coordinator: Zombie Treasurer: Conor Murtagh PRO: Richy Arthurs Webmaster: Richy Health and Safety: Richy Equipment officer: Herdy

The team also hold regular socials throughout the college season and over the summer.

The club can be found on twitter @NUIMUltimate and on

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