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Ottawa-Carleton Ultimate Association
City: Ottawa
State/Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Year Established: 1986
Teams: 329 (Summer 2006)
Players: N/A
Affiliated with: N/A

The Ottawa-Carleton Ultimate Association (OCUA) is a registered non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting ultimate in the Ottawa-Carleton region.


[edit] History

Pre-League (1985 and earlier)

The first No Borders tournament was held at the RA centre on Riverside Dr.

Legend has it there was a drought at the time and the fields were brown. One of the tourney organizers managed to hire a water truck to water the fields and the cost was billed back to the RA centre. This action resulted in Ultimate being banned from the RA fields for several years. Fortunately, at that time, ultmate had few participants and there were other fields.


The following article appeared in the Ottawa-Citizen on March 8, 1986:

Ultimate is the name of the game on the Hill; [FINAL Edition]

Robert McKenzie Citizen staff writer.

Tourists visiting Parliament Hill Sunday afternoon may not believe their eyes. Instead of seeing the usual Mounties, they'll see young jocks tossing and chasing a brittle Frisbee across the snowy Hill.

The occasion is the Second Annual Ultimate Snow Bowl. Ultimate is a sport that combines elements of soccer, basketball and football. Each match goes to 17 goals. A goal is scored when a team catches the Frisbee, or disc, behind the other team's goal line.

A team moves the Frisbee downfield until it loses possession by dropping it, going out of bounds or being intercepted. Change of possession is immediate; the only time-outs are for injuries.

Local Ultimate organizer Marcus Brady says the sport incorporates the defensive techniques of basketball, the field movements of soccer and the passing and field size of football. He says this mix adds up to an exciting sport for spectators, and the Frisbee makes it even more exciting.

"The disc is always moving. The disc can go parabolically, inverse parabolically, straight, or it can bounce off the air and up again. It's a dynamic projectile."

Brady says this weekend's tournament will proceed whatever the weather. The Environment Canada forecast for Sunday calls for clouds and a high of -6 C.

"It doesn't faze us at all... You end up diving a lot more." The players don't have to worry about diving into a referee - Ultimate works on the honor system, even at the world championships.

Three teams are participating in the Snow Bowl: a unit from Montreal's McGill University, Toronto's Hogtown Jowlers and Brady's team, Capital Punishment.

Play starts at 12:30 p.m. when McGill confronts the Jowlers. Capital Punishment then plays two consecutive games, first against McGill and then against the Jowlers.

Brady says each game lasts about 45 minutes. The local four-team Ultimate league is looking for new teams, Brady added, and anyone interested in playing during the summer is invited to the league's annual meeting, scheduled for 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 3, at 117 Bellwood.

For more information call Brady at 731-6203 or Brian Guthrie at 235-6416

The first summer league captains' meeting was held in Brian Guthrie's living room involving representatives of the original five teams. The teams and their representatives were:

- Bruce and the Usuals (John Atkinson and Brian Guthrie)
- The Ultimate Revolution (John Benzinger and Tim Hockey)
- Disc Drive (Marcus Brady)
- Disc Guys (Mike "weeman" Davis)
- The Screaming Yellow Zonkers (Craig Fielding and Keith Whyte)

The format was a triple round-robin. Every team played every other team three times. The teams finished in the same order they are listed above with Bruce going 10-2 over the season and the Zonkers going 2-10. Interestingly one of the Zonker wins was against the Usuals!

As the season's end was appraoched the Zonkers were just starting to figure out the game and pressed for a fall season. The remaining teams were not interested so one of the Zonker captains organized a one-day league tounrey at Lac Leamy.








The league was officially incorporated and renamed to OCUA, a not-for-profit corporation.

The full details OCUA's origins are a bit of a mystery, due to a lack of information on the Association's website. If you've got details, please edit this page and add them.

[edit] Leagues

Throughout the year, OCUA runs several different seasons of league play. The largest, OCUA's Summer League, operates from mid-May to late August, with co-ed (4/3 ratio) league play 5 nights a week, and a womens league one day a week. Since 2001, summer league has consisted of over 300 teams [1], making it possibly the largest league in the world. OCUA also runs smaller fall (September - October) and indoor (November-April) leagues.

OCUA uses Leaguerunner, a software package designed for managing Ultimate leagues, to handle its scorekeeping, schedules, and rosters. Leaguerunner was developed specifically for OCUA, and released under an open-source license so that other Ultimate leagues might benefit from it.

[edit] Ultimate Park

OCUA owns and operates the first, multi-field facility dedicated to the sport of Ultimate. Known simply as Ultimate Park, or UPI (from the holding corporation's name, Ultimate Park Incorporated), this facility consists of 19 regulation-size fields (17 of which are fully irrigated), parking facilities, and open areas suitable for registration, food and beer tents, and other tournament amenities.

For more details, see Ultimate Park (Ottawa)

[edit] Competitive Program

In addition to league play and local tournaments, OCUA also runs a competitive program. The competitive program consists of association-sponsored A and B teams in the Open, Womens, Co-Ed, and Junior divisions. These teams receive some funding from OCUA, as well as donations of field time for practices. In exchange, teams in the program are expected to run skills clinics and perform other volunteer efforts.

[edit] Tournaments

OCUA runs or is affiliated with several Ottawa tournaments. See Ottawa's Tournament section for a list of local tournaments.

OCUA will host the 2011 Canadian Ultimate Championship at UPI on August 11-14.

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