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Ottawa, Ontario


[edit] Ultimate Leagues

[edit] Tournaments

[edit] Ongoing

[edit] Upcoming National Events

[edit] Past National Events

[edit] Touring Teams

Touring teams change from time-to-time but recently have included:

[edit] Co-Ed

1. Bytowne Flatball Club (BFC)

2. BigFish

3. Arrested Development

[edit] Open

1. Phoenix

2. Firebird

[edit] Womens

1. Capitals (a combination of Toronto and Ottawa players)

2. Stella

3. Scarlett

[edit] Masters


2. Bad Daddy Ultimate (BDU)

3. Mule (or variations of the same name)

[edit] Juniors

1. ResurreXion

2. X2

[edit] University Ultimate

Ottawa has two schools that compete in the CUPA University Series:

[edit] External Links

  • Official city site
  • Wikipedia page for Ottawa
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