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PEN15 is a Dublin based mixed ultimate team that was established in 2004. Most of their players are situated in South-Dublin suburbs, predominantly Ballyroan.

[edit] Origins

The team was founded in 2004 by Mick O'Hara, a former player of Chilli-o, who wanted to introduce the sport to some of his friends who were about to begin studying at university.

Thus far the team has competed in four competitions, Whacking Day 2004 - Hosted by Captain Huck Ultimate, Edinburgh Beginners 2004, Dublin Winter League 05/06 - where the team came in second place and were awarded the spirit award, in 2006 PEN15 travelled across the pond to the famous Copa Cabana tournament in Nottingham where they came 8th and introduced the locals to a game called 'Pirates Cove'

PEN15 played in DUB Tourney 2007 and finished a respectable 4th place.

In January 2009 PEN15 returned to the Irish ultimate scene and achieved their first title, after dominating the One Day Dublin Indoor tournament hosted by the "Friends" team.

The team is currently sponsored by a local business known as Bo Lifter Ltd.

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