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Schtick is an unusual disk game in three ways: players are allowed to run while carrying the disk, there is no out-of-bounds area and the game is often played with two disks in play simultaneously (though it can be played with just one). The playing field has only a mid-line dividing the field into the teams’ territories. On the ground within each territory, about 20 meters from the midline, is a 2×2 meter goal or scorebox. Each team (of about 6-20 players) is assigned one territory to defend and the team scores by getting a disk to rest on the ground within the scorebox in enemy territory. Players with a disk who are tagged by an opposing player in enemy territory must relinquish their disk by immediately placing it on the ground, but a player in his or her own home territory cannot be tagged. Thus it’s unusual to lose possession in home territory, but one way this can happen is if an opposing player intercepts a pass.

[edit] References

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