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Skulltimate is the university Ultimate team based in University College Cork, Ireland. It is currently the largest University Ultimate club in Ireland. Red, black and white are the club colours and the UCC Sports Executive logo of a white skull with 2 white crossbones is the team's official insignia. It is from this logo that the club name "Skulltimate" is derived. Skulltimate is also the host of the biggest ultimate tournament in Ireland, the Cork Open, which to this day has earned 2 IFDA "Tournament of the Year" awards.

Skulltimate at the UK Nats. From top left - Row 1: Mark Fanning, Kieran Giller, Brian O'Callaghan, Ray Williams, Richard Hobson, Kyle Smith, Ray Considine, Matt Dolan, Dónal Murray, Mike Ryan, James Finn. Row 2: Tom Clifford, Dónal O'Donohoe, Deirdre Corbett, Áine Ní Bhreasail, Deirdre O'Breasail, Dayne Ortved, Leo Yoshida, Ian Lau


[edit] 08/09 Season in Review

The 2008/2009 season was Skulltimate's most successful to date. The season began in DCU at the first beginner tournament of the year Whacking Day, in which the two open teams finished 7th and won the plate, 9th. The Ladies team finished 3rd. This was a good early indication of the increasing level of standard arising from the Cork team. Next was the Cork Open in which Team 1 finished 7th, beating fellow Dublin university teams Trinity and UCD in the process. This tournament turned out to be a major milestone for the UCC team which in previous years had failed to beat these varsity rivals. Team 2 finished 19th out of 23 and were the highest finishing second uni team at the tournament. At the Indoor Varsities, both the open and women’s team were runners up. In the final the open team got off to a horrendous start (going 8-1 down to UCD) yet managed to claw their way back but unfortunately lost on universe point 10-9. The ladies squad faced a similar fate eventually losing to Trinity in the final in sudden death. The Uni-league was a big success for Skulltimate having an unbeaten run in both rounds in Cork and Galway. This result ensured that UCC would represent Ireland at the UK Open National Championships which were held in Sheffield, England in March. Next Skulltimate traveled to The Siege Of Limerick in which Team 1 finished 5th. Team 2 were yet again the best 2nd university team at the tournament. At the Women’s Varsities, the ladies team finished 3rd and won spirit. The inaugural Development Varsities took place this year in Dublin and was won by Skulltimate in conjunction with ITT. Mixed Varsities finish 4th. The highlight of Skulltimate's year was the UK Open National Championships, in which Skulltimate placed 9th winning the plate in the process. At Open Varsities Team 1 got to the final, were runners-up. Team 2 finish 7th and in a similar trend to the rest of the year were the highest finishing second uni team. Team 2 also won the spirit award.

[edit] 2012-2013 Committee

Club Captain: John "Doc" Doherty

Vice Captain: Brendan O'Donnell

Womens Captain: Nicola Moore + Mairead Rice

Womens Vice: Sinead Riedy

Chairman: Micheal McGrath

Secretary: Micheal McGrath

Treasurer: Patrick Morgan

First Team Coach: Oisin Murphy

Beginners Coach: Barry Gleeson

Womens Coach: James Finn

Fitness Coach: John Doherty

Schools Coordinator: Matt O'Callaghan

Webmaster: Daragh O'Keeffe

P.R.O.: Alan Reidy

Entertainment Officers: Mairead O'Meara

Fundraisers: Edel Cormac

Pick Up Director -Kieran Dowling

First Year Rep (Mens) -

First Year Rep (Womens) -

Ordinary Committee Members - Donal O'Donohue, Mary McKee, Aoife Blake, Shane Walsh

[edit] Current Squad

  • 1. Mr. Paul Merrick
  • 2. Morgan Theze
  • 4. Graham de Barra
  • 5. Micheal McGrath (Beginner Ladies Coach)
  • 7. Daragh O'Keeffe
  • 8. Mark Fanning
  • 9. Matty O'Callaghan
  • 12. George Pardoe
  • 13. John Doherty (Fitness Coach)
  • 14. Graeme Richmond
  • 16. Lorcan Murray (Ladies Coach)
  • 17. Richard Hobson
  • 19. Nicholas Peters
  • 20. Barry Gleeson
  • 22. Donal O'Donohoe (Capt)
  • 23. Leo June Yoshida
  • 24. Fergus MacAuliffe
  • 25. Nicola Moore
  • 26. Hayley Moore
  • 27 Dave Smith
  • 28. Alan Riedy
  • 29. Cormac McAuliffe
  • 31. Susan Glascott
  • 32. Hayley Brahm
  • 35. Oisin Murphy (Beginner Guys Coach)
  • 40. Mike Ryan
  • 41. Garry Palack
  • 46. Patricia O'Connor
  • 47. Mary McKee (Ladies Capt)
  • 54. Sinead Reidy (Ladies Vice Capt)
  • 56. Kieran Dowling
  • 60. Mairead Rice
  • 62. Laura Tobin
  • 72. Mari Claire McMahon
  • 84. Donal Murray
  • 86. Jsun Wong
  • 90. Michelle Griffin
  • 91. Patrick O'Flynn
  • Thomas Burke
  • Brendan O'Donnell
  • Lewis Murphy
  • Kevin Rice
  • Aaran Flynn
  • Mark Heffernan
  • Joe Tate
  • Ciaran McCarthy
  • Tyrone Kellet
  • Billy McCarthy
  • Eoghan McConnville
  • Ben Noonan
  • Finbarr O'Donoghue
  • Patrick Morgan
  • Shane Walsh
  • Rob Shalloo
  • Pete Lucey
  • Rory Duff
  • Aoife Blake
  • Claire O'Donoghue
  • Rose O'Mahony
  • Mairead O'Meara
  • Stephanie Gauvan (Visiting Student)
  • Alision Patev (Visiting Student)

[edit] Alumni

  • Yassin Mammeri (Ireland Junior International)
  • Richard Hobson (First Ireland Mixed Captain)
  • Steeve Doubt (Super Hot Boyfriend of Dayne)
  • Tadhg Healy (Irish Open captain at the WUGC 2008 and currently MSP of the planet)
  • Robin Giller (Two time Skulltimate captain and winner of the Giller of the Year award in 2007)
  • Sinead Flemming (Former Skulltimate captain and Irish international regular)
  • Peter Forde (MVP of the final of the prestigious Cork Open 2008)
  • Mark Canning (Former Skulltimate captain and now member of Broc, CO '09&'10 winners )
  • Dave Rosenfeld (Founding father of Ultimate in the Cork region)
  • Rose Glancy (Represented Ireland at the WUGC 2004)
  • Kevin Bohane (Member of UCC team that finished third in Cork Open 2006)
  • Dee O'Breasail (Club captain 2009-10)
  • Aine Ni Breasail (Irish U23 international)
  • Dayne Ortved (Doctor & former Irish international)
  • Matt Dolan (Former club captain and player recruitment extraordinaire)
  • Brian O'Callaghan (Hitler Impersonator & MVP of Open Intervarsity Final 2010)
  • Kieran Giller (Himler impersonator. Somehow won spirit and MVP at Uk Nats '09)
  • Steve Kehoe (Lieutenant Layout, never won an MVP, currently in Edinburugh destroying the planet)
  • Ian Lau (Caught the winning point of UCC's Open Intervarsity Victory 2010)
  • Ray Conse (Corkonian sepratist & club captain during the most successful season of its history; 2010-11)
  • Ben Roske (Loved his girlfriend - bender)
  • Dylan Leighton (We would have won without him)
  • James Finn (If you're marking him, keep your right hand high)
  • Kyle Smith (Evangelical Christian)

[edit] The Finn

The Finn

UCC Skulltimate is renowned worldwide for being the club that invented the Finn throw. Described as the perfect break throw, this high release backhand was developed by one of the team's main handlers, James Finn in the '07 - '08 season. Not to be confused with the "Gill" which is a weak attempt at a high release resulting in a turnover, the Finn has been credited with instigating the club's recent run of success and has already earned its creator an MVP of the year award in 2008. While the Finn was created as a quick get out of trouble, short pass to avoid being stalled out expert handlers with great skill and technique can gain great distance using it. This fact alone has ensured that the Finn can be used in almost any circumstance. With the Finn growing in popularity in recent times, many experienced Ultimate players have already begun to make predictions of when the Hammer throw will disappear from the sport altogether. The Hammer, which is well known for its inconsistencies and unpredictable nature has been rendered virtually obsolete by the much safer and prettier Finn throw.

It must be remembered that the Finn throw was in fact only invented because the Finn has no knees. Having no knees, it becomes virtually impossible to throw a proper low backhand. The Finn throw is an excellent break option, providing the opposition is no older than eight. Players older than eight have a tendency to 'hand-block' the squirrely Finn throw causing the shame of tears, often seen on the sidelines during important UCC games. Shouts of 'not a thrower' are often heard echoing long after Finn has turned over the disc (chances are good this is the voice of long in the tooth alum Robin Giller - also not a thrower).

[edit] Training Times (2011-12)

Keep an eye on the Message board [1] for spring & summer'12 pickup games.

Monday: 4:00 - 6:00 (Mardyke Hall 3 - Mens)

Tuesday: 5:00 - 6:30 (Outdoor Mardyke - Invitation Only)

Wednesday: 5:00 - 6:30 (Outdoor Mardyke)

Thursday: 4:30 - 6:00 (Mardyke Hall 3 - Womens)


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