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I sort of have an issue with question 1, I don't think we are given enough information to decide whether it is a foul on the thrower or no foul. It seems obvious that it would be a foul on the thrower, except when you consider the definition of a throwing foul and incidental contact. Just because the throwers arm contacts the markers arm in this situation doesn't necessarily mean it affected the play, seems like incidental contact in most cases, which would make it not a foul on anyone.

On a related but irrelevant note, I don't believe that anyone has their arms stationary enough to call this foul. So you're standing their a few feet away from the thrower, arms out to the side, as stationary as you can hold them, he pivots and you don't react *at all*? Unlikely. And if your arms are that stationary, it's pretty unlikely the thrower will ever contact them. You're not moving! At all! He can just throw where ever he wants! But like I said, it's irrelevant as you have to assume that the situation posed in the question is true...

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