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[edit] Basics

One of the best ways for any individual to improve offensive efficiency is to become a better thrower. If you can comfortably execute multiple throws under pressure, not only does it give you more options, it gives your cutters more options.

A throw is defined by the UPA as: A throw is a disc in flight following any throwing motion, including after a fake attempt, that results in loss of contact between the thrower and the disc.

  1. A pass is the equivalent of a throw.
  2. The act of throwing is the motion of the thrower that transfers momentum from the player to the disc and results in a throw. Pivots and wind-ups are not considered part of the act of throwing.

[edit] Common Types of throws

[edit] Throw Characteristics

Regardless of how the disc is thrown, there are some characteristics that can apply to describe the flight of the disc.

[edit] Obscure/Freakish/Joke throws

[edit] See Also

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