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Truck Stop
Governing Body USA Ultimate
Division Open
Region Mid-Atlantic
Section Capital
Founded 2005
Location Washington DC
Colors Red, White, Blue
Coach {{{Someone}}}
Captain Sean McComb, Keven Moldenhauer, Brian Stout
Nationals Finishes 5th in 2010
Regional Finishes 1st in 2010
Sectional Finishes 1st in 2010
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Truck Stop is a club open team based in the Washington DC area. In 2010, they placed 5th at the USA Ultimate Club Championship.

[edit] History

From the Truck Stop website:


Truck Stop Glory Hole was founded when a collection of players from the college region called the Metro East got together to go to fall Ultimax one year. Players represented Salisbury, Maryland, Delaware, GW and maybe a few others but who can really remember anyway. Once a roster was decided, a team name was necessary. We didn't really have one and no one seemed to really care. Eventually, an email was sent out that our team name would be "Truck Stop Glory Hole." It satisfied a few requirements: 1) It was offensive. 2) It made little to no sense but satistfied the above mentioned #1. 3) It ensured people would likely see us as a team there to have fun. 4) It was offensive.

So we took it and rolled with it...and we did pretty well. As a result of the good times we had, the fact that many of us were graduating in the upcoming spring and no one really had club team commitments, we decided to take our Ultimax team and make a go of it as a club team.

The major question became, "Do we change the team name?" One of our best defenders threatened to quit if we did, so we didn't. It was funny to see on tournament programs, worse to see on t-shirts and still carried the "these guys are here to have fun" image, which worked for us as we shocked many teams with our high level of play.

Our first year ended on a low note but people seemed to notice the talent level we had. Before the following season started, the elite teams in our area tried to pull some of our players away but everyone stuck around. Actually, we got some of the players from the elite team who most strongly pursued our players and used that to spark a run to nationals in 2006.

With an average age of 24, the Truck finished 15th. 2007 marked a year of change in the DC Ultimate community – as Potomac disbanded, Truck picked up new talent and took Sarasota by storm. After upsetting Furious George in the opening round, Truck Stop advanced to the pre-quarters and defeated the Condors, ultimately finishing in a tie for 5th place.

In 2008 Truck Stop advanced to Nationals for the third consecutive year, cementing its reputation as the premier Ultimate team in the DC area. In Sarasota the Truck fell victim to a yearlong curse, proving unable to prevail in close games and finishing a disappointing 15th. The 2009 squad looked once again to crack the top ranks of elite Ultimate and ended up finishing 9th. With the 2010 campaign under way we look to get ourselves back into the top 5 and show the nation the true strength of the Mid-Atlantic. The Glory Hole has been dropped from the official name, but true Truckers know its proud history.


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