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[edit] History

The uOttawa Men's team started in 2005 under the guidance of Craig Mackie. The school already had a women's team in 2004, but there was a lack of leadership that year to start a men's team. Over the summer of 2005 Craig Mackie started planning for the fall team. The team had limited tournament success in 2005, but performed well for the first year of a team.

The team continued training over the winter of 2005/2006.

Craig Mackie left for Germany to finish his masters thesis in philosophy, so Brian Kells took over the administration with Eric Morrow as player coach, and Chris Castonguay and Fred Caron as assistant captains.

At the 2006 fall tryouts the team experienced a surge of interest from players and took a larger roster with the goal of developing new talent for the future. With the 2006 fall season over, the team is planning to continue training indoors under the guidance of Colin Green.

[edit] University of Ottawa Men's Rosters

Men's Roster at CUUC 2006:

University of Ottawa Men at CUUC 2006

Eric Morrow (Captain)
Frédéric Caron (Asst Captain)
Christopher Castonguay (Asst Captain)
Brian Kells (Asst Captain)
René Champagne
Peter Roebuck
Fadi Rania
Ryan Sheriff
Charles Mercier
Erik L'abbe
Craig Tai
Marc Lucas
Maxime Labelle
Michael Colantonio
Philippe Boisvert
Guillaume Lamothe
Alex Carrier
Colin Green
Ramsey Wright
Nick Bruton
Dylan Zajac

Men's Roster at CUUC 2005:

Craig Mackie (Captain)
Frederic Caron (Asst Captain)
Mehmet Karman (Asst Captain)
Charles Mercier
Simon Frederick
Ryan Sherriff
Craig Tai
Christopher Castonguay
Marc Lucas
Ariel Untiveros
Erik L'abbe
Eric Morrow
Benjamin Waterman
Peter Roebuck
Brian Kells

[edit] Tournament History

[edit] CUUC 2006 (14th place finish overall)


[edit] CEUUC 2006 (9th place finish overall)

uOttawa 5 - 12 McMaster
uOttawa 7 - 9 Guelph
uOttawa 13 - 1 Carleton B
uOttawa 13 - 0 Western B
uOttawa 5 - 12 Western A
uOttawa 9 - 8 McGill B
uOttawa 12 - 2 Queen's B

[edit] CUUC 2005


[edit] CEUUC 2005


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