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[edit] UE History

Ultimate first began at DSTO, sparked from the genius mind of B1 in 1996. He discovered the rules on the web and introduced the game to DSTO with a lunchtime email. In the beginning, participants were few but games were still frequent due to the fervour of the players. The early playing fields were rough and dangerous with many obstacles such as gullies and star pickets. The games were a little on the rough side also. Backhands were the throw of choice at this stage with the forehand just about unheard of.

Gradually, as new players joined the fray, the number of lunchtime participants grew. Stats were kept on every game which added to the competitive nature. Soon, a ‘somewhat annual’ tournament named "Frodown" was instituted starting in 1999. Four teams would form and meet to do Ultimate battle over the course of an extended lunch break.

As time went on, players at DSTO became aware that the game of Ultimate had also been birthed independently elsewhere in the state. In 2002, DSTO players gave this other group a warm-up game to help prepare them for nationals. In 2003, one of the top DSTO players, Kristan Pash, joined with others in order to create a state body (SAFDA). He and some of the keener lunchtime players organised a team known as the DiscHeads to enter into the new state competition. Early results were good as the team dominated the first few SA leagues with their long hucking game.

Over time, the Discheads grew in number as new, youthful players were enticed to play in these external leagues. Full of enthusiasm & ambition, the Dischead players decided to enter a team into Mixed Nationals which was being hosted by Adelaide this year. Although finishing quite low overall, fun was had by all and the first steps were taken in a long tradition of attending national competitions.

Towards the end of 2005, in keeping with SAFDA’s new clubs policy, key players from Discheads were instrumental in forming a new club and the Discheads henceforth became known as Ultimate Evolution. This was an exciting era for the players as the club’s first president John Salerno and board members were voted in. They promptly set about planning great things for the future of the club.

2006 came and the UE open team decided to attempt to qualify for Nationals. By this time qualification was done through attending a regional tournament. A team was sent across to Victoria to try out. After some close games, it all came down to a crucial encounter with the 3rd team of the Victorian powerhouse club Chilly. After declining their generous offer to forfeit, UE prevailed in a close game that went down to the wire. An innovative zone by B1 helped to befuddle them and when it was done, we won spirit for the tourney as well as qualifying for Nationals. As Mixed season came around again later in the year, UE again sent a team forth to brave the freezing wind and rain of Ballarat, proudly baring swish new uniforms. The team again finished quite low down on the rankings but high on fun.

From these origins, UE has attempted to qualify for Mixed Nationals and Nationals every year since. It has been good to see that the national competition has grown tougher and deeper each year and qualification is never guaranteed. UE is currently training for Mixed Nats 2009 and Nationals 2010.

As well as on-field conquests, the club has been busy with a lot of event organisation over the last few years. These events help raise money for the club but also give back to the community in the form of entertaining events to be a part of. You can read about some of these under UE Events.

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