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This describes a contest to design an official Ultipedia official logo.. see entries here.


Current State

The current working logo (seen on top left) is by design a hacked up place holder and is 'heavily inspired' by material randomly found on the internet. The favicon.ico (The 'U' with on the light blue background in your browser's URL bar) is functional, but not especially wicked.


If you have graphic design skills and are keen to get your work on a semi-high profile Ultimate site send in your submissions!


The contest is to find a logo will be used on Ultipedia.org and on all Ultipedia promotional material. At this point there is no promotional material for Ultipedia, but it's conceivable that there will be T-shirts/Jerseys/discs and other general swag.

Official Contest Timeline

Originally there were dates specified to incite people to hurry up and submit work. Due to a general lack of submissions, the contest is more or less ongoing until a logo that takes into account the consideration list below (and is agreeable to the sysops) is submitted.

Graphical Considerations

  • The logo should look good at various sizes or should have standard modifications that maintain visual consistency
    • primary target is ultipedia.org itself (logo in top left corner of this website)
    • largest size would be a disc
    • smallest size would be a favicon (though not expecting too much from this)
  • should look good in monochrome
  • Text on the logo should be able to accommodate alternatively "Ultipedia.org" or "Ultipedia"
  • The winning logo should be in a vector graphic format (preferably SVG)
  • bonus points for efforts to incorporate one or more of the following themes:
    • disc sports
    • community
    • global
    • academic
    • puzzle


  • see Wikipedia:Logo Wikipedia's Logo page for hints on what makes a good logo.
  • other logo contest with similar requirements
  • the logo for Wikipedia is pretty amazing...

The reward

The prize for winning the Ultipedia logo contest is a $50CDN + 10 discs with the winning logo ($$ will be paid immediately, disc production might take a few months)


not sure yet.. either a poll, or discretion of Ultipedia sysops.

How to enter


  • A) send your submission to ivar@ultipedia.org


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