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[edit] Introduction

  • This quiz is based on the version 2007 of the rules of Ultimate as defined by the World Flying Disc Federation. These are the rules that will be used in the upcoming World Ultimate & Guts Championships (and other WFDF events).
  • References to the rule sections in question are provided after you finish your quiz. Consult the rules here.
  • This quiz is not officially associated with or sanctioned by the WFDF.
  • This quiz is a community effort and is editable by anyone. If you think of a good question to add, please don't hesitate to click the edit button above and make your contribution.

[edit] Quiz

1. The depth of the endzone is

23m (same as defined in UPA rules)
(section 3.3) The Field of Play is broken up into a central Playing Field Proper that is sixty-four (64) metres long by thirty-seven (37) metres wide, and two End zones that are eighteen (18) metres deep by thirty-seven (37) metres wide at each end of the Playing Field Proper.

2. The width of the playing field is

37m (same as defined in UPA rules)

3. It is legal to call a "technical" timeout to tie one's shoelaces

(section 11.4) Any player may briefly extend a stoppage of play to correct faulty equipment (e.g. to tie shoelaces or straighten a disc), but active play may not be stopped for this purpose.

4. A pick can be called by a defender who is 4.5m (14 feet) away from their check.

(section 17.4.1) If a defensive player is within five (5) meters of an offensive player they are actively covering and they are prevented from moving towards/with that player by another player, a defensive player may call "Pick". If the Continuation Rule (Section 18) is not in effect, play is stopped.

5. An offensive player can call 'Double Team' if more than one defender is within 4.5m of the thrower's pivot point and there are no other offensive players nearby (ie: within a 4.5m radius of the thrower's pivot)

(section "Double Team" is when more than one defensive player is within three (3) meters of the thrower's pivot point when no other offensive player is within three (3) meters of either defensive player

6. A legal stall count starts with the word "stalling" followed by a full second before the word "one".

(section 10.1) The Marker may administer a Stall Count on the thrower by announcing "Stalling" and then counting from one (1) to ten (10).The interval between the first utterance of each word in the stall count must be at least one second. Therefore the time between the "S" of stalling and the "O" of one must be one second.

7. A defensive player lays out, gets a block then warps the disc slightly by landing on it. The player who picks up the disc may stop play and ask for the disc to be replaced.

The thrower may call a technical stoppage during play to replace a cracked, torn, deeply gouged, creased or punctured disc; a warped, wet or dirty disc does not qualify. (section 20.2.2)

8. A receiver catches the disc fully inside the endzone. Not realising their position they attempt a pass to another player on their team which is intercepted by the opposition. What's the result?

offence score
defence take possession
A goal is scored if an in-bounds player catches a legal pass and all of their first

Your score is 0 / 0
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